What The Frisc?

Welcome. You’re here because you’re crazy about San Francisco, and it also drives you crazy.

Same with us. We’re in a frustrating and fascinating moment. The city is going through dramatic changes, as enveloping as the fog itself, touching everything from sidewalk to hilltop. Everyone wants to make sense of the upheaval. Too much? Too little? Too slow? Too fast?

We’re a 21st-century city with its heels dug into the 20th. We want our lives to be intensely local but connected to everything, everywhere.

It often feels like forces on all sides — price gougers, self-serving activists, NIMBYs, and City Hall mis-managers — are pulling apart what we love about San Francisco. The Frisc is here to connect as many physical and mental intersections as we can, where housing, business, the outdoors, transport, and people come together.

At The Frisc, we share voices and tell stories about our city in flux.

There are other venues and forums for San Francisco discussions, but they’re dedicated to the usual news, box scores, and neighborhood minutiae, often cluttered with distracting clickbait. That’s not us. At The Frisc, we talk about the city and its changes — when they go too far, or otherwise not far enough.

For all of the city’s faults and inequalities, the recent election has reminded us of the things San Francisco gets right. With criticism, humor, art, and more, we’re here to raise a glass to the sublime and rain hell on the ridiculous. San Francisco has plenty of both.

Add your voice. Share your ideas. Tell us about your art and design. Let us hear from you: thefrisc AT gmail.com.

Alex Lash, founder & editor in chief
Anthony Lazarus, co-founder & executive editor
Jeremy LaCroix, art director

Photo by Ariel Dovas via Creative Commons license.